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Web Development

In today’s fast paced markets the opportunity to expand your business globally has never been easier, or more relevant.

Providing your customer and client with instant information about your company’s products and services is what separates your company from your competition .

Mobile Applications

DamaTag uses methods of Mobile development and programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards.
We develop for all common mobile and tablet platforms ( iOS , Android , Windows Mobile  , HTML5 )

3D & Graphic Design

DamaTag understands that building applications and websites that have no graphic style often can create a poor company image.
DamaTag Offers Your Business A Complete Solution In The Following Areas:
Logos , Banners , Mobile Apps , Websites , Brochure … etc


Social Media Marketing

We utilize the top social networks to communicate with potential customers and industry influences while promoting your brand using a unique voice

Content Creation & Optimization

We can write new pages for your website to accommodate a wider audience while boosting authority and maintaining brand voice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Partner with us for industry leading SEO services, to build a comprehensive strategy or help support your existing SEO initiatives.

SHJ Choir Jordan

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Choir Amman, Jordan

Darayya Healthy Application

application to manage Darayya heathy office in jordan

Syrian Thought Forum

A group of Syrian intellectuals to build the future of syria

Clash Of Clans Arabia

Facebook page applications integrated with web development.
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